Our commitment to our clients is to provide a secure and longstanding scenario that protects their risk tolerance and fits their investment time horizon by designing and providing a range of exit strategies, as necessary, to mitigate the associated and imminent risks.

Natural Risks

In the event of a natural disaster that damages the entire infrastructure of the property, the insurance will cover the full reconstruction of the property, or the construction of a new facility, if the reconstruction is not possible.

Political Risks

During wars, riots, and other events with restrictions that do not allow the operation of hotels to fail, the insurer for the touristic complex will still provide coverage.

Tayrona Capital offers alternative real estate options that are similar in location and general characteristics to the first property if the investor decides to change the acquired property as a result of any of the two risks outlined above. If the parties cannot reach an agreement, the investor will receive a refund of their initial investment along with a 20% return.

Health Risks

In case of pandemics or other international problems in health terms, investors will continue receiving their minimum guaranteed rent for up to 4 years after an unexpected closing of the property. This will be possible thanks to the financial reserves managed by the company and the hotel.

Corporate Risks

Tayrona Capital, a mature financial group, is backed by the management of Sovereign Wealth Funds Trust; however, the company is not exempt from traditional corporate risks such as bankruptcy, acquisitions, and business restructuring, among others.

In the case of a total occlusion of a hotel, the investor is protected by a fully independent and publicly registered title to the property the client is acquiring. Even if the company or the hotel is unable to outlay the guaranteed rents and/or travel benefits; the investor is the full owner of their property, which represents the tangible guarantee of their investment.

In the financing, most of the risk is assumed by Tayrona Capital since the client only pays a 20% down payment, but receives title to a property free of mortgages or associated liens for 100% of the value of the property.

Resort Risks

The hotels are subjected to make adjustments, permanent renovations, or closures to keep up with new market trends every 7 to 10 years; therefore, each suite or villa will also be renovated at no additional expense to the owner.

Another situation that can occur is a must-relocation of the hotel due to its market strategies or general trends. If this triggers a disagreement from the owner, Tayrona Capital will offer a range of the finest real estate options that match in location and characteristics terms in contrast to the first property. In the circumstance that an agreement does not meet between the parties, the full refund of the initial investment plus a 20% return on the investment will be made to the investor.