Investment alternatives

Investment in a Villa

Average Investment:

USD 1 M to 2 M
(Down payment from USD 200K )

Property Characteristics:

100 to 300 square meters
1-2-3 Bedrooms,
Private pool and pool areas in all properties

Investment in a Suite

Average Investment:

USD 500K
(Down payment from USD 100 K)

Property Characteristics:

50 to 70 square meters
1 Bedroom

Fractional Ownership

Full co-ownership shares of a hotel, resort, or tourist destination, with preferential dividend rights and participation in the business’ profitability (EBITDA).


Prime PHO
Total Investment: The client makes the complete payment over the selected property and is privileged with an additional benefit by obtaining a property corresponding to 20% of their investment or getting a luxury Rudis Sylva watch.

Financed Payment: Tayrona Capital finances up to 80% of the property’s value, with preferential rates.
Lease PHO
The client obtains the right of use and income over the selected property during a period of 5 years with an annually fixed return of investment of 10%; making a return of the initial investment once the 5 years is over. The minimum investment is 20% of the property's value.


Pre-approval guarantee without a credit check.

30-year amortization period, year 1 to year 5 fixed annual rate of 1.99% and from year 6 to year 30 fixed annual rate of 2.99%.

The monthly financing fee is deducted from the guaranteed monthly rent, so the client does not make any monthly payments.

No mortgage or lien will exist on the property.


Simulator for PHO investments

Privilege Hotel Ownership is an investment model that enables you to diversify your portfolio and earn rental-based payments that range from 7% to 20% for suites and/or villas in luxury and leisure properties that operate in the world's largest hotel network, Sagana.

Global Real estate investment program

Become a part of the highly sought-after investment portfolio of PHO by learning how to invest and acquire.

PHO Investment and Acquisition Process