Frequently Asked Questions

  • Assuming that none of the main risks mentioned in the section Main Investment Risks occur, but the client continues with the position to withdraw from the investment, they may do so through the following alternatives:
  • Sale of the property on the standard market: The owner is free to sell their property to any buyer on the open market.
  • Sale of the properties with its own real estate agency: Tayrona Capital lends its support by offering the services of Intermedia real estate agency, located in Monaco, with over 60 years of experience in seeking a legitimate buyer in the international real estate market. 
  • Buy-back option by Tayrona Capital: The company contractually guarantees the re-acquisition or buy-back of the property at 120% of its value, proceeding at any time after 1 year of the initial investment.

Yes, there are. Most luxury brands such as Aman, One and Only, Banyan Tree, Four Seasons, Ritz-Carlton, and St. Regis, among others, offer very similar programs. However, the comparative difference between these brands and Tayrona Capital resides in the rate of return: the competition does not exceed the 8% of ROI with the client, and the property is only available for a period of 5 years.

Tayrona Capital Group properties are managed and operated by Sagana Hotels and Resorts. Through Privilege Hotel Ownership (PHO) by TC, it controls the Real Estate-Hospital investment program, and through Privilege Luxury Club (PLC), it provides Travel Concierge services.).

It is an investment program created to generate unique lifestyle experiences, personalized luxury travel, and comfort, thanks to our worldwide alliances with acclaimed travel suppliers and hotels. The strategic axes of this program are the personalized service and accompaniment of a whole team specialized in ultra-luxury hospitality and client assistance, who will guarantee you live the best experiences of your life.

The Return on Investment in Tayrona Capital 

As a mature financial institution that puts forward a new concept of Real Estate and Hospitality investment in different investment scales thanks to our projects’ portfolio around the world. The company also has a commitment to its stakeholders and partners offering more ROI than the standard property market, it is thus that Tayrona Capital presents the main 5 reasons for its profitability.  

  1. Tayrona Capital invests in its own assets, and it is funded by its own resources rather than relying on speculative markets.

Tayrona Capital does not have any debt on any of its properties. All properties were fully financed in-house without any loan or mortgage attached to our expenditures, which means we don’t have to carry any loan, mortgage, or similar expenditure.

  • – All hotels of Tayrona Capital are managed by our own brand, “Sagana”. This means our company saves 20% of management fees for each hotel.
  • – Most properties of Tayrona Capital are located in countries where labor, maintenance, and other costs are very low, while the quality of service is higher.
  • – Tayrona Capital’s properties usually do not carry tax costs as thanks to Joint Ventures with governments, hotels are exempted from property taxes, and all “income taxes” are paid by the guests on the price of each hotel night.
  1. Tayrona Capital has strategic alliances with world-class governments and companies, reducing development costs by up to 70%.
Joint Venture Contribution -30% 
Building Permits -10%
Infrastructure -10%
Socio-economic grants -20%
Total -70%
Tayrona Capital Financing = 30%

  1. Our Luxury-Hotel business revenue stream comes from different items, such as the accommodation rentals that revolve around the lease of Suites and Villas, where the entry-level of any five-star hotel starts at USD $1,000 per night, assuring an occupancy rate since 86%).  In addition, other Hotel revenues come from Food and Beverage, events, and wellness facilities.
  1. Tayrona Capital ensures a win-win business relationship in a fair percentage. Our company shares up to 50% of the income with the client, in contrast to other financial institutions that share just 4%-6% with them. 
  1. Tayrona Capital manages a Sovereign Funds Trust through the TCGC oversight whilst receiving capital injections to finance its businesses that meet the three main initiatives: the implementation of sustainability, an increase in employment, and the promotion and creation of tourism destinations, without having to incur into debt for the development of its projects.
  • With more than 25,000 sold units through  PHO,  the business line of Tayrona Capital, which counts with a track of 22 years of operation, assures its position in the Real Estate market as one of the finest forefront and profitability options.
  • The majority of Tayrona Capital’s clients have bought an average of 3-5 units to expand their income stream through a diversified global portfolio.
  • ** The contact and records with the best investors who have invested an average of USD 5 million are available upon request.
  • As a fully regulated financial institution, Tayrona Capital has been recognized for managing over 25 sovereign wealth funds ethically, continuously driving global economic growth.
  • Tayrona Capital grants the right to inspect the property to the client prior to the closing step, outlying all the client’s travel expenses. Throughout the trip, the client meets with a notary to register the property titles at the public government offices.

No. When we discuss the time-sharing programs, there is no property acquisition or  receipt of rentals. It is reduced to making an investment in exchange for using one week of the hotel per year, whilst PHO is a Real Estate-Luxury Hospitality investment program distinguished not only by its high profitability in investment on returns but also by offering privileges to the clients such as included stays.