A Global Real Estate Investment Program

Tayrona Capital’s primary business program, PHO, focuses on investing in ultra-luxury hotel properties, providing villas and suites co-ownership in premium destinations while ensuring high guaranteed yields with a low one-time investment, and diversifying your asset allocation by consolidating a portfolio of multiple properties.

21st-Century Global Real Estate Investment Strategy

An investment of all your equity in one financial product or asset today is a common mistake in a globalized economy. To make reasonable investments within an affluent range of unconventional yet profitable properties, you should also diversify your portfolio internationally as well as domestically.Tayrona Capital specializes in hospitality, real estate, and international tourism. As opposed to residential properties (5-star villas/suites), Privilege Hotel Ownership is a Global Luxury-Property Investment Program that combines Hybrid Real Estate/Hospitality units, receiving guaranteed rents of 5% to 20% a year and privileged lower interest rates. In addition to unlimited stays in the selected asset, PHO offers the opportunity to travel across the Tayrona Capital Group properties.The program provides investors with maximum investment returns and protection against rapid economic, environmental, and political changes by studying measures to mitigate risks, including different exit strategies.

Benefits of PHO-based real estate investing

Title deed

excluding hidden fees

Higher rent


Stays in

in over 200 luxury hotels worldwide

Discounts on

hotel services and facilities

Membership rewards

Privilege Luxury Club

Management by Sagana Hotels,

Tayrona Capital’s in-house newest brand


Real Estate + Investment + Global Vacations

Discover Additional Benefits of Owning a Privilege Hotel

A one-time investment is made by the client, returning a tax and maintenance obligation-free property; considering all TC properties being exempted from investment taxes and maintenance managed through Sagana Hotels and Resorts.

The hotel’s management is at the helm of advertising and marketing the property

The median standard occupancy of Sagana’s Hotels is 86%, allowing for a forecast of 313 nights’ occupancy of all its Villas per year.

The Villa/Suite rent price starts from USD 1,000 per night in Sagana’s Hotels, accruing high profitability in contrast to a residential property that commonly generates incomes between USD 2,000—USD 3,000 per month, not even including other essential expenses.

The owner is granted with unlimited right to stay in the range of properties under Tayrona Capital Group network or in their tangible asset (Suite/Villa) up to 60 days per year without impacting on the minimum guaranteed rent; however, after 60 days, the percentage of the guaranteed rent is calculated by deducting the number of nights used in our complexes or in the property.

VIP access to all the Hotel’s facilities.

VIP card with 5% of the value of the villa, prepaid one-time for use in all the facilities of the property purchased.

Member discount voucher of 40% on all services and amenities available at the property purchased.

Exclusive access to Privilege Luxury Club (PLC): Investors will receive a prepaid membership of 10% of the value per Investment Unit, which gives access to complimentary stays and lifestyle experiences at selected luxury hotels and resorts worldwide.